National Parks & Caves in Nan province

In Nan province are are 7 National Parks and a few smaller Caves, Forests, Parks and Royal Projects. Where nature meets adventure, great places for jungle trekking, enjoying nature or wild water rafting. Doi Phu Kha National Park is the longest stretched National Park of Thailand, bordering Laos and with the highest peak of 1.980m above sea-level. Besides National Parks there are also

When to visit : Although all National Parks in Thailand can be visited the all year around there are some parks that close in the raining season depending on how much rain there is. The National Parks in Nan province  are best to be visited at the end of the raining season or during the cool season, so from September to February. From March to June it will become a bit hot for hiking in National Parks.

Entrance fee : For most National Parks in Thailand you will have to pay an entrance fee, for what foreigners have the privilege to pay 4 or 5 time as much as Thai people. Although not all National Parks in Nan province do enforce the rule of entrance fee at all or the special foreigner entrance fee, but there might be a few National Parks in Nan province that will enforce the entrance fee rules.

Remark : Since 2017 you are not allowed anymore to drink alchohol in National Parks, this thanks
to people who can not control themselves while drinking alchohol and start fighting or being an disturbance to other people (or animals). 

Opening times : Most National Parks are open from about 8:00 - 18:00 everyday. But due to bad weather or breeding time of animals some National Parks are closed some months in the year. Most times in the raining season. For more information see Department of National Parks Thailand.

Accommodation : Many National Parks have some simple bungalows or rooms as accommodation or camping grounds. But not all, check before you are going! You can make reservations ahead via the website DNP Reservations.
  1. Doi Phu Kha National Park
  2. Mae Charim National Park
  3. Khun Sathan National Park
  4. Nanthaburi National Park (with Doi Wao)
  5. Khun Nan National Park
  6. Sri Nan National Park (with Doi Sammer Dao)
  7. Phu Fa Royal Project
  8. Tham Pha Tub Forest Park
  9. Tham Sakoen National Park
  10. Tham Pha Phueng

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