Cafe Sod Gong Dee Coffee Shop & Restaurant in Nan

Cafe Sod Gong Dee in Nan - Thailand

Cafe Sod Gong Dee is an open-air Coffee Shop is located right along the Nan River serving Hot & Cold drinks and delicious cakes. In the evening the serve also small Thai dishes and snacks. A great place to sit and relax between the cool trees and overlook the Nan River.

Cafe Sod Gong Dee in Nan - Thailand

Information of Cafe Sod Gong Dee

  • Right along the Nan River south of the big bridge
  • Facebook : Cafe Sod Gong Dee
  • Kitchen : Hot & Cold Drinks + Cakes + limited Thai food for early dinner
  • Opening hours : 9:00 - 22:00
  • Seating : Outdoors
  • Parking : Public parking

Location of Cafe Sod Gong Dee

Location on Google Maps


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