Ancient Salt Pits in Bo Klua

Bo Klua (actually Ban Bo Luang) is small village in a valley and it is famous for its Ancient Salt Pits. In town there are 2 Salt Pits to visit. The first one is along the small river, and there are some small shops, restaurants and coffee shops. The second one is near the old post-office, also with some small shops around it. And outside the village, along the road to Phu Phayak, are are more Salt Pits. The first Salt Pit in town, along the small river is the most famous. Around the salt pit are about 4 workplaces where you can see how they make the salt. And of course you can buy some salt. Very cheap! And right along the small river is a nice coffee shop. For more information about Bo Klua have a look at Introduction of Bo Klua.

Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua, Nan - Thailand

When to go to the Ancient Salt Pits?

All year, but be aware that during Khao Pan Sa (when monks do not leave the temple) the workshops around the Salt Pits are closed for 3 months (July / August / September). This is to protect the village from bad luck. But This Is Thailand so this rule could change also any day.

Where to go?

The Ancient Salt Pits are in the village Bo Klua, what is about 90 km north of Nan town in a valley of the mountains of Doi Phu Kha National Park.

How to get to the Ancient Salt Pits?

By public transport first take the Orange Bus to Pua, from there take a Songtheauw to Bo Klua. But Bo Klua is best to be visited with your own transport by car or motorbike. From Nan just follow route 101 to Pua and in Pua follow the signs for Doi Phu Kha National Park via route 1256. Once on route 1256 you will see signs for Bo Klua. Be aware that the last 40km route 1256 will go into the mountains with some steep & curvy roads leading all the way up to 1715m above sea-level. Also be aware that during or just after the raining season the road could be damaged by land-slides.

Staying overnight near the Ancient Salt Pits

The best place in town is Bo Klua View Resort with also a good restaurant, but there are a few other (and much cheaper) places to stay overnight. Have a look at our comprehensive reviews of Accommodation in Bo Klua.

Eating near the Ancient Salt Pits

The best place in town is Pongza Restaurant at Bo Klua View Resort, but there are a few other nice places to enjoy lunch or dinner in Bo Klua. Have a look at our comprehensive reviews of Food & Drinks in Bo Klua.


Where to go after the Ancient Salt Pits?

  • Take route 1081 back to Nan and stop along the way at Sila Phet Waterfall
  • Explore more of Nan province and take route 1081 in direction of Chaloem Phra Kiat (Huai Kon) and stop on the way at The Origin of the Nan River, Phu Phayak Communist Memorial or Huai Kon Remains of Communist Battlefield. Currently (2017) this part of route 1081 is in bad condition.

Location of the Ancient Salt Pits

More photos of the Ancient Salt Pits

Ancient Salt Pits Bo Klua - Nan Thailand

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