Ancient Kiln Museum in Baan Bo Suak

Baan Bo Suak is a small village about 17 km west of Nan town people did find remains of ancient kilns, pots and jars. Research did learn that the area has been a small settlement in the 15th century and that they made glazed ceramics in the style of San Kampheang and Chiang Rai. There is a museum and there is a reconstruction of one kiln.

When to go go the Ancient Kiln Museum?

All year around, daily but the museum has to be visited by appointment.

Where to go?

The village is about 17 km west of Nan town.

How to go there?

Baan Bo Suak is about 17 km south-west of Nan town, there is no public transport to go there. So you could go there with your own transport or arrange a taxi. If you book a program with Homestay Baan Bo Suak they will arrange transfer to/from Nan town.

Location of Baan Bo Suak

Location of Homestay Baan Bo Suak in Nan, Thailand


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