Identity of Nan Museum in Nan

The Identity of Nan Museum is a modern & professional museum about the history of Nan province. It starts with the pre-historical time-line of the area of what we now call Nan province. Slowly the time-line goes to the settlement of current Nan town. An interesting part is where the many ethnic minorities are shown with the different traditional cloths. You can even make a photo of yourself dressed in any of the traditional cloths. There is one major problem for people who can not read Thai .... no signs or explanation in English (or any other language).

Identity Of Nan Museum in Nan - Thailand

When to go to the Identity of Nan Museum?

All year around, daily from 9:00 - 16:00, entrance fee 50 That baht per person

How to get there?

As the Identity of Nan Museum is just out of Nan town, it is a bit too far to get there walking but by bicycle it is very easy to get there. Otherwise take any public transport that is going south wards of Nan town. Or you could take a Samlor taxi.

Location of Identity of Nan Museum


Identity Of Nan Museum in Nan - Thailand

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