King of Nan Teak House in Nan

The King of Nan Teak House is also called Chao Sompradhana Na Nan, unfortunately there is no public entrance anymore. So you can only see it from the street, if you can look between all the trees. The large house was buit in 1866 with golden teak-wood and reconstructed in 1941. It is now the private residence of Chao Sompradhana Na Nan. In English the house is also called King of Nan's Teak House. The family used to exhibits heritage antiques such as ancient weapons, war elephant ivory and photographs by King Rama V. But problems and disagreements made the family to stop with it. Hopefully someday the government will help out and invest some tax money in preserving the history of Nan. For more old houses in Nan see Historical Buildings in Nan province.

King of Nan Teak House in Nan - Thailand

When to go to the King of Nan Teak House?

Daily, but no public entrance, so please respect the owners privacy.

Where to go?

The King of Nan Teak House is in Historical Center of Nan town, near Nan National Museum.

Location of King of Nan Teak House


King of Nan Teak House in Nan - Thailand

King of Nan Teak House in Nan - Thailand

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