Loy Kratong

Loy Kratong is a festival that is celebrated all over South East Asia and nationwide in Thailand and said to be originated in Sukhothai. It is the festival of asking forgiveness where your "sins" float with your Kratong away over the river or float with Sky Lanterns into the sky. With Nan province being a province with many rivers it is a great place to celebrate Loy Kratong. With of course the main celebration in Nan town along the Nan River, but for a more traditional Loy Kratong you could visit one of the many small villages along one of the rivers in Nan province.

In Nan town there will be Firework shows, Market, Traditional dancing shows and of course a Miss Loy Kratong show. And of course the Kratong will be floating over the Nan River. Unfortunately due to safety for airplanes at the nearby airport there will not be Sky Lanterns allowed.

Loy Kratong in Nan - Thailand


It is celebrated at the 12th full-moon, so not at a fixed date. But somewhere in the months November. And in 2017 at 2 & 3 November.

Where to go?

In Nan town along the banks of the Nan River near the main bridge.


Loy Kratong in Nan - Thailand

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