Hmong & Yao Villages in Manipruek

A hill-tribe village in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Nan, Thailand

Manipruek is a village of ethnic minorities like Hmong and Yao in a valley in the Doi Phu Kha mountain range. And an area that was originally famous for the poppy fields to produce opium but is now famous for the vegetable & coffee grown in the mountains. Although modern times have also entered here, the people are still living a simple life and true to their traditions.

There are now 2 villages, Manipruke 1 & 2 and an Botanical Garden. Originally the villages were at other places, but forcibly moved by the government. A great area to visit caves, make hiking and go camping in the cool season. But be aware that there are no restaurants and only 2 or 3 little shops that sell only very basic drinks & food.

Update 2018 : There seems to be now a homestay.

When to go to Manipruek?

All year around, but not recommended to go during the raining season.

Where to go?

About 100 km north of Nan town in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha National Park, about 40km from Chiang Klang or Thung Chang.

How to get to Manipruek?

There is no public transport going there, although you could take the bus to Thung Chang and drop of at the road to Manipruek. And then hope that you can catch some transport to Manipruek. So better to go with your own transport. Just follow route 101 to Pua and Thung Chang. Between Chiang Klang and Thung Chang you will see signs to the right. Follow route 4017 into the mountains. Be aware the road is not in good condition and the last part will take you about 1 hour.

Location of Manipruek


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