Hmong & Mlabri Village & Jungle Market in Ban Luang

Hmong & Mlabri Village and Jungle Market in Nan - Thailand

Nan is home to many ethnic minorities, but there is one special group. The Mlabri (people from the forest), locals call the Phi Thong Luang (spirits of the yellow leaves). Originally people of forest hunters, but modernisation has caught on them also and now most of them live in permanent villages together with Hmong people in Phrae and Nan. Of course their children go to school and most of them have electricity. But they are still living a very simple life, back to nature.

When to go?

Can be visited the all year, but as you have to do an short hiking it is better not to be done in the raining season.

Where to go?

About 50km west of Nan town

How to get there?

There is no public transport going there so you will have to go by private car or motorbike. Or book a tour at Fhu Travel in Nan.


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