Nan Morning Market in Nan

For people who like to wake-up with, or actually before, sunrise this Morning Market is a great place to visit. If you are a market lover you can spend hours here! They sell everything from fruit and vegetable to herbs and fresh meat. But also cloths and ready made food. It starts very early at about 5:00am. Locals bring their products to sell here. And people from other markets come to buy here. You might even see Hmong people selling here herbs & vegetable from the mountains.

Nan Morning Market in Nan - Thailand

When to go to Nan Morning Market?

Nan Morning Market is all year around, everyday of the week but very early (starts at 5:00am).

Where to go?

Nan Morning Market is in the center of Nan town, about 300m from the main bridge.

How to get there?

Easy just go walking from your hotel in Nan town or take a bicycle from your hotel. Or is you like an authentic way of transport take a local samlor.


Nan Morning Market in Nan - Thailand

Nan Morning Market in Nan - Thailand

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