Origin of the Nan River near Bo Klua

The Nan River is the main river of Nan valley. It originates in the north-east of Nan, almost bordering Laos. Near Pua the Pua River contributes to the Nan River and near Wiang Sa the Wa River contributes to the Nan River. And of course along the way many small rivers contribute to the Nan River. The Nan Rivers goes south thru Si Nan National Park and near Uttaradit a dam in the Nan River creates the Queen Sirikit Lake. Near Sakhon Nawan the Nan River contributes to the Chao Phraya River. Along route 1081 is a sign for the "Nan River Origin" and there is a small parking. From there you have to make a small hiking into the jungle. Be aware that there is not much out there, actually nothing besides a nice small hiking trail with vaguely signs. And yes there are indeed in Nan - Thailand growing huge bamboo trees. Nearest town is Bo Klua, for more information about Bo Klua have a look at Introduction of Bo Klua.

Bo Klua Origin of the Nan River in Nan - Thailand

When to go?

All year around, daily.

Where to go?

The origin of the Nan River is about 20 km north of Bo Klua, in the mountains bordering Laos.

How to get there?

There is no public transport going there. By car or motorbike, just follow route 101 to Pua and route 1256 to Bo Klua. Then follow route 1081 up north for about 20 km. You will see a parking and a big sign with huge bamboo. Then you will have to follow a little walking trail into the jungle.

Location of the Origin of the Nan River

Be aware that the location here at Google Maps is where the real origin is supposed to be. The parking is of course along route 1081.


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