Fishing Village & Ferry Crossing at Pak Nai

Travel Destinations in North Thailand

A very small village that thanks it existence to the Queen Sirikit Lake (part of the Nan River) and ferry crossing over the lake. A few restaurants and very basic accommodation. Looks like time is forgetting this place and it will disappear in the near future. The main features are of course fishing and the floating house-boats. It used to be much more but times are changing.

There is some very basic accommodation and a few restaurants. And you can make a boat tour over the lake in a small open boat. It all looks not much special but actually it is a great experience and a part of real upcountry Thailand. The ferry is operated by the locals and there seems no schedule. Just ask and wait. The ferry can take people, motorbikes, cars and even an small truck.

When to go to Pak Nai?

Daily all year, although weather-wise best at the end of the raining season and during the cool season.

Where to go?

Pak Nai village along Queen Sirikit lake, about 100 km south of Nan town.

How to get to Pak Nai?

There is no public transport going there, although you could take the bus to Wiang Sa and then a Song Theauw to Na Noi and find yourself other transport to Pak Nai. By private car or motorbike follow route 101 south of Nan Town to Wiang Sa and the route 1060 to Na Noi. And from there continue south to Pak Nai.

Accommodation in Pak Nai

There are 2 or 3 very basic floating guesthouses that also operate a restaurant.

Location of Pak Nai

More photos of Pak Nai

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