Communist Memorial & Mount 708 at Phu Phayak

Phu Phayak Communist Memorial & Mount 41 in Nan - Thailand
Phu Phayak means Giant Mountain and it is a mountain range in the most north-eastern side of Nan province. It was once the place for opium farming and the battlefield between the Thai soldiers and Communists soldiers in the 1970's. It is famous as being one of the last strongholds of the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT). The reason for having a HQ in this area was of course the difficult accessible mountain range that is bordering (communist) Laos. The area is also home to ethnic minorities (Lawa & Hmong) who came from southern-west China

Nowadays the area is home to a few villages that are supported by a Royal Project Phu Phayak to help local people in a sustainable existence without growing opium.
And nowadays there is a Communist Memorial to honour the communist soldiers fighting the Thai government. The museum and memorial was officially opened in December 2005 and is the result of combined efforts of local people and ex-communists to reconcile the past disagreements. The museum shows the history of the ex-communist centre, the story of Ban Huai Chanin rebellion against unfair taxes and the stories of the battles. The communist memorial is not always open ... officially. But you might find one of the doors is not locked.

After the Communist Memorial the road continues to the Royal Project where is a small viewpoint and a small display of the work that is be done there. There is a small kitchen & coffee shop where you can drink coffee from local coffee beans. After the Royal Project the road continued to the high viewpoint in the mountains along the Thai-Lao border. This is called Mount 708.Yearly in begin December there is memorial day where the last still living ex-communists are remembering their fallen friends and celebrating the reconciliation that followed.

When to go to the Phu Phayak Communist Memorial?

All year, every day. Although you should be aware that during the raining season the standard of the road could go from bad to worse (especially coming from Bo Klua).

Where to go?

Phu Phayak is located in the most remote corner of Nan province, about 160 km from Nan town.

How to get there?

By private car or motorbike follow route 101 to Huai Kon, then continue on route 1081. You will see signs to your left for the village. The village is "only" 17 km from the main road (route 1081) but due to the bad road condition it will take you about 45-min to 1-hour to get there. You will pass 2 small villages and then you will be at the "Communist Memorial". You could also go there from Bo Klua.

Location of Phu Phayak Communist Memorial


More photos of Phu Phayak Communist Memorial

Hill Tribes at Phu Phayak Communist Memorial & Mount 41 in Nan - Thailand

Communist Party Thailand (CPT)
Coffee from the Royal Project

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