Silverware from Nan

Silver products of Nan - Thailand

Nan province is famous for it's art of making silver products. Originally the silver came from the area that is now part of Laos. So most silver is imported now or like in this workplace it comes from the recycling of medical products. Nowadays you will still find many shops in Nan and Pua that sell silver products from their own workplace. All made by hand. Now this workplace looks like from ancient times, but is still in daily use. Photo taken during lunch break. Products of this workplace are sold at Nan Noble House. See also Doi Silver Pua.

When to go?

Everyday, most shops will be open daily from 9:00 - 17:00 (except Sundays).

Where to go?

This photo was made at a private home in a street behind Nan Noble House, but there are at Sumon Thewarat Street also Silverware Shops that have workshops. And next to Hot Bread is another one, and along the road to BigC another one. You will also find Silverware shops with workshops in Pua and Chiang Klang.  Another good places is the Pa Klang Hilltribe Development Village near Pua.


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