Of course Thai New Year is celebrated all over Thailand, and also in Nan. And of course it is a water festival in the hottest time of the year. One of the nice things of Songkran in Nan that it is not overrun by parties and abuse. It is a bit more traditional and only a few days. An one of the other nice things in Nan is that are many rivers, and due to the low water-level there have been created many kind of beaches and places to swim in the rivers. So people will build temporarily bamboo sala's in the water where Songkran is celebrated with food & drinks. A great way to celebrate Songkran!

It is celebrated in 5 days
  • Wan Long, cleaning house & temple and prepare for making merit
  • Wan Nao, making merit to the ancestors and bringing sand to the temples
  • Wan Phaya Wan, pay respect to monks & elder people
  • Wan Pak Pee, start of the new year and light fire work
  • Wan Phee Mai, the first day of the new year
The real water-festival is of course in Nan town and only in day-time, so you are safe in the evening or early morning.


Mid April (exact date change per year)


In Nan town near the main bridge, but also in many small villages along rivers.


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