Nan Bus Station

Nan Bus Station station about 500m south of town, about 200m from route 101 just before Nan town on your left hand side. The bus station is served by government busses and by private bus companies. And there is an information counter but all staff of course speaks only Thai. In front of the building are ATM's and nearby are small restaurants. This bus station is used for local transport in Nan province and for inter-regional transport.

How to get to Nan province in North Thailand

How to get to Nan Bus Station?

By public transport you can get to Nan Bus Station with taxi, songtheauw or even samlor. By private car or motorbike, just follow the signs along route 101. There is free parking.

Transport within Nan province

  • Next to the building are Red Songtheaws for transport in Nan town
  • Platform 7 - 8 are for Blue Songtheauws for transport to places like Tha Wang Pha, Santisuk or Mae Charim.
  • Then there is the famous Orange Bus (actually red) going to Pon in Thung Chang district. This bus passes Tham Pha Tub Forest Park, Nan Riverside Art Gallery, Tha Wang Pha, Pua, Chiang Klang and Thung Chang. End stations is Pon, 10 km after Thung Chang. Costs about 75 Thai baht per person. From Pon you can change to other transport to Huai Kon International Border.
  • Then there is also the famous Blue Bus going to Wiang Sa
  • There are also mini-vans for transport to Huai Kon (border to Laos). But only 4 times in the morning and you can not make reservations for it. So just be early! Takes about 3 to 4 hours.
  • Of course the inter-regional busses can also be used as transport within Nan province.
Example :
  • If you would like to go to Bo Klua you will have to take first the bus to Pua and then a songtheauw to Bo Klua.
  • If you would like to go to Na Noi you will first have to take the Blue Bus to Wiang Sa Bus Station and then change to another bus / songtheauw to Na Noi.
Taking the bus in Nan, North Thailand

Transport Inter-regional

There are private bus companies like 999, Nakhon Chai AirGreen Bus and Sombat Tours, Viriya Phrae Tours, Budsarakam Tours, Cherdchai Tours going to places all over Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phrae, Lampang, Phitsanulok, Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong, Phayao and even Phuket! There are also mini-vans going to Phrae and other places in North Thailand.

Update : The Green Bus company has 2 route's Nan - Chiang Mai. One via the highways passing Phrae and Lampang. Another route goes via Chun and Phrae (then via route 120 and 118 to Chiang Mai).

Update : There is also a older bus going from Nan to Chiang Rai via Tha Wang Pha and Chiang Kham. This bus takes route 101 to Tha Wang Pha and then route 1148 to Chiang Kham and goes only 1 time per day.

Transport International

A longtime old plan of a bus from Nan to Luang Prabang (Laos) seems finally reality and starting from begin November 2017 there is once a day a bus from Nan to Luang Prabang (Laos). Bus leaves everyday from Nan at 8:00 and it takes 8:30 hours to travel 373 km to Luang Prabang in Laos. Costs are 660 Thai baht. You can also get on / off in Hongsa or Xarabouly in Laos. For more information call 1490 or +66.54.710.027

Update 7 April 2018 : Currently there is only 1 bus available so the route Nan to Luang Prabang (or visa versa) is done every other day instead of everyday.

Update 22 June 2019 : Due to maintenance to one of the two busses there is only 1 bus going every 4 days. So on 21 June 2019 a bus goes from Nan to Luang Prabang and on 25 June the next bus is going. Visa-versa of course the same but on other days.

Location of Nan Bus Station

Location of Nan Bus Station in Nan - Thailand


Photos of Nan Bus Station

Nakhon Chai Air at Nan Bus station

Green Bus at Nan Bus Station

Green Bus Time Schedule
Green Bus Time Table
Taking the yellow bus in Nan, North Thailand

Nan Bus Station

Platform Red Song-Theauw around town 
Nan Bus Station
Nakhon Chai Air Time Table 
Time Table

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