Nan Nakhon Airport

Nan Nakhon Airport is located 1km North-West side of town, just before you are exiting town in direction of Pua. Nan Nakhon Airport was build in 2014, the IATA code is NNT. It is a small, boutique like airport with an almost brand new terminal building. When entering the airport by private car, be aware that the airport is shared with the Royal Thai Airforce and you might end-up at the Airforce buildings. Next to Nan Nakhon Airport is free parking, but you can not leave your car there overnight. At the terminal are 2 ATM's, some small souvenirs shops, Coffee Shop and a small convince store. No 7/11 or restaurant yet, so if you are hungry take you own food with you. Next to the check-in counters are toilets. In case you have a lot of luggage, at the entrance of the terminal are trollies.

At moment (April 2019) Nan Airport is served by
  • Air Asia to Don Muang Airport (DMK) with 3 flights per day
  • Nok Air to Don Muang Airport (DMK) with 4 flights per day **
  • Wisdom Airways to Chiang Mai (CNX) with 2 flights per week
** = As of 18 April 2019 the flights of Nok Air to/from Nan are temporarily canceled until 26 October 2019.

How to get to Nan province in North Thailand

How to get there & away?

By public transport you can get to Nan Nakhon Airport with taxi or songtheauw. By private car you enter the airport from route 101 and there is free parking.

Location of Nan Nakhon Airport


Arriving at Nan Nakhon Airport

First you will have to walk over the platform to the terminal. There is only 1 entrance, so not worry. And there is only 1 belt for the luggage. And while you are waiting, next to the luggage belt are toilets. When you walk into the arrival hall you will see on your left hand first a Coffee Shop and then 3 car-rental companies (Avis, Kan Car Rental and Thai Rent A Car) and 2 taxi-transport companies (mini-vans). At the exit of the arrival hall are ATM's to get some Thai Baht, but I assume you had that already. When exiting the arrival hall you will be offered transport to town by Meter-Taxi's (not sure if they will use the meter), Motorbike-Taxi's (fixed prices), Song-Teauws (fixed prices) and even bicycles from Air Asia (free).

Departure of Nan Nakhon Airport

For Air Asia you can check-in and get your boarding card (if you do not have check-in luggage) with machines at the entrance of the terminal. Check-in luggage have to be checked before getting your boarding card. There are 2 X-Ray machines for this. After that you can check-in at the counters.

There is only 1 departure area with 2 gates (doors), there are toilets and souvenirs shops (but nothing to drink). Before entering the departure area you will be checked. There are 2 X-Ray machines for this. And be aware that Air Asia will be checking your carry-on luggages (size + weight). After leaving the departure gate you will have to walk over the platform for about 70m to the airplane, but your are offered an umbrella against the sun or rain (you can not keep the umbrella).

Renting a car in Nan, North Thailand

Departure gate at Nan Airport - Thailand

Arrival & Departure hall at Nan Airport - Thailand

Arrival & Departure hall at Nan Airport - Thailand

Air Asia at Nan Nakhon Airport NNT in Nan - Thailand

Flying with Air Asia from Nan to Bangkok, Thailand

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