Weekend Market in Nan

The Nan Weekend Market was originally held at another street in town and called Walking Street. But now it is called Weekend Market and being done in front of the Wat Phumin. So that is why it has now sometimes 2 names. Local people are selling ready made food, cloths and souvenirs. Next to the market is the Kuang Muang (city square) where you can sit on the floor and eat the food you just bought at the market. Sometimes there is also live music or other performances. A great place to enjoy slow & local life in Nan!

Weekend Market or WalkingStreet in Nan - Thailand

When to go to Nan Weekend Market?

Nan Weekend Market is all year around at Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 17:00 and 22:00

Where to go?

Nan Weekend Market is in the Historical Center of Nan town, next to the Wat Phumin.


Weekend Market or WalkingStreet in Nan - Thailand

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