Wat Noi in Nan

Wat Noi (Wat Noy) in Nan - Thailand

The Wat Noi is said to be the smallest temple of Thailand, and small indeed it is. I thought it was the spirit house of the Nan National Museum, formerly the residence of the rulers of Nan. But the story is that the ruler of Nan had told King Rama 5 that Nan had 19 temples at that time. But there were only 18 ... so he had Wat Noi (Wat Noy) build (probably around the year 2416) in the garden of his residency.  It is a tiny temple, only measuring 2.00 by 2.30 and 3.35 high and it stands under a beautiful big Lilavadi Tree.

When to go to the Wat Noi?

All year around, daily from 8:00 - 18:00, entrance is free

Where to go?

In the garden of Nan National Museum, in the Historical Center of Nan town.


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