Wat Phra That Beng Sakat in Pua

The area of Pua was the former capital of what we now call Nan and this temple is build on a hill overlooking Pua valley with the mountains of Doi Phu Pha in the background. The temple itself is not really impressive and for a good view I would recommend to go to Wat Phuket in Pua. Down of the small hill is build a replica of a part of the city wall that is said to have been in Pua.

When to go to the Wat Phra That Beng Sakat?

All year around, daily from 8:00 - 17:00, entrance is free.

Where to go?

The Wat Phra That Beng Sakat is located on north-east side of Pua town behind the sport field and market. Be aware that Pua is about 60km north of Nan town.

How to get there?

If you are staying in Pua, just go walking or bicycling. From Nan with your own transport follow route 101 to Tha Wang Pha and Pua. At the Tesco-Lotus make a u-turn and after 50m take a small street to the left. Then the temple is after 50m on your right hand (above you). There is place to park your car and take the stairs up.

Location of Wat Phra That Beng Sakat


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