Wat Suan Tan in Nan

Wat Suan Tan in Nan - Thailand

The Wat Suan Tan is a bit out of the ordinary tempel, as it has 2 Viharns, a large Chedi in Sukhothai style and a library building (Ho Trai). Although it is a 14th century temple, it is still in use as it is one of the only temples in town with also an crematorium. The large Chedi in Sukhothai style is probably one of the oldest constructions in Nan town and remarkably is topped with a Khmer style prang (like in Sukhothai). The Chedi has recently in 2016 & 2017 been totally renovated. This temple is also famous for its holy water well, that is still used by this temple and others temples.

When to go to the Wat Suan Tan ?

All year around, daily from 7:00 - 17:00, entrance is free

Where to go?

The Wat Suan Tan is in Historical Center of Nan town.


Wat Suan Tan
Before restoration
After renovation

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