Massage in Nan

Thai Massage in Nan - Thailand
Who thinks about Thailand thinks also about Thai massage, a perfect way to relax on a hot afternoon. If you are looking for the infamous Thai body-to-body massage (or soapy massage) you are at the wrong place in Nan - Thailand. But there are quite a few massage places in Nan - Thailand where you can have a good, safe and relaxing massage. Be aware though that also in Nan - Thailand are some massage saloons that offer a little bit more as just massage.

So where to go for massage? Well some hotels will offer in-house massage like Nan Boutique Hotel and some other hotels will recommend you a massage saloon that they know is trustworthy. Following are a few massage saloons that we have been and are clean, safe and will give you a relaxing massage.

Nan Nanthaburi Massage in Nan town

This massage saloon in a double 1-storey shophouse at Anatana road offers Thai Massage, Oil Massage and Foot Massage from 10:00 - 18:00.
Location : Google Maps

Risasinee Spa & Massage in Nan town

Risasinee Spa & Massage
This massage saloon is part of Risasinee Resort at Mahayot road and offers Thai massage, Oil Massage, Foot Massage and Beauty Spa from 10:00 - 22:00. For more information see Facebook : Risasinee Spa & Resort


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