Dadjud Numlang Organic Garden & Homestay in Chiang Klang

Dadjud Numlang Organic Garden & Off the Grid Homestay in Chiang Klang, Nan - Thailand

Between the teak trees and rice fields at the foot of the mountains of Doi Phu Kha at Chiang Klang 2 Bangkokians did escape the concrete jungle of Bangkok and made their own very small organic off the grid farm called Dadjud Numlang Organic Garden & Off the Grid Homestay. It is a bit difficult to get there as it is only a dirt track going there. No electricity and just a water well for water supply. But they are managing very well and offering very limited & basic opportunity to stay overnight and they are offering a partly organic lunch with pizza made in their own wood fired clay oven.

Information of Dadjud Numlang

Facebook : Dadjud Numlang Organic Garden & Off the Grid Homestay
Kitchen : Organic Thai & Italian
Number of rooms : 1 simple bungalow + 1 tent
Seating : Outdoors
Parking : On site (not during the raining season)

How to get to Dadjud Numlang?

As the place is in the middle of the jungle the chance is very small that you are going to find it yourself. The last 3-km is a dirt track between teak trees, bamboo forest and fruit trees. So of course there is not public transport to the place itself, but you could take the bus to Chiang Klang and at the market you wait for pickup service. By private car or motorbike best is to follow route 101 to Chiang Klang and again wait for pickup service at the intersection of route 101. During the raining season the last 1 km is not accessible by car.

Location of Dadjud Numlang

Pickup location for Dadjud Numlang Organic Garden & Off the Grid Homestay in Chiang Klang, Nan - Thailand
Location on Google Maps


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