Pua Songtheauw Station

Right along route 1081, opposite the PTT Gasoline station, is the Pua Songtheauw Station. About 100m from the main T-intersection in Pua town. There is no building or whatsoever, just there are always some Songtheauws parked while waiting for customers. From here you can take the Songtheauw to places like Bo Klua and Pa Klang (Hmong village). You can also rent a Songtheaw for traveling anywhere nearby.

How to get to & from Pua Songtheauw Station?

From the main T-intersection in Pua town are motorbike taxi's that can bring you to Pua Songtheauw Station. But it would be faster to walk.

Location of Pua Songtheauw Station

Location of Pua Songtheauw Station in Nan - Thailand


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