Base 29 Coffee Shop in Doi Phu Kha

29 Base Coffee Shop in Nan - Thailand

According to the Thai way of writting this place is actually called 29 Base Coffee Shop, but to make it easier to understand in English lets call it Base 29 Coffee Shop. Located right along route 1081 when going from Bo Klua to Santisuk but technically within Bo Klua district. About 3km before Ban Nam Yao and only 29km from Pua. The owners are a friendly couple from Ban Nam Yao who will serve you a great cup of coffee with a small and good stories about traveling in Nan - Thailand. In the cool season you can even stay overnight here (camping) and enjoy and stunning sunrise over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha.

Information of Base 29 Coffee Shop

  • Right along route 1081(3km before Ban Nam Yao)
  • Facebook : Base 29 Coffee Shop
  • Kitchen : Hot & Cold drinks + small breakfast
  • Opening hours : 8:00 - 18:00
  • Seating : Outdoors
  • Parking : On site
Camping at 29 Base Coffee Shop in Nan - Thailand

Location of Base 29 Coffee Shop

Location of 29 Base Coffee Shop in Nan - Thailand


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