Wat Ton Laeng in Pua

Wat Ton Laeng in Pua, Nan - Thailand

The Wat Ton Laeng is build in the 19th century in Tai Lue architecture and has an bit unusual roof build like it are 3 roofs on top of each other. It is a bit small temple with a front entrance flanked by 2 dragons. Also inside it is beautiful traditional decorated and there is a huge sitting Buddha image.

When to go to the Wat Ton Laeng?

All year around, daily from 8:00 - 17:00, entrance is free.

Where to go?

The Wat Ton Laeng is located in Ban Ton Laeng, a village of Pua town. Pua town is about 60km north of Nan town.

How to get there?

Within Pua it is just a bit to far to go walking, but by bicycle you can easily get there. At the T-intersection you could ask for a motorbike taxi.

From Nan town by public transport take the Orange Bus to Pua and get off at the round about in Pua town. Then take a Songtheauw or motorbike taxi for the last 1 or 2 km.

Location of Wat Ton Laeng

More photos of Wat Ton Leang

Sitting Buddha at Wat Ton Laeng in Pua, Nan - Thailand

Dragon at Wat Ton Laeng in Pua, Nan - Thailand

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