Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro in Nan

Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro in Nan - Thailand

Nom means milk in Thai and Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro is a weird mix of a Coffee Shop or actually Milk Shop in the afternoon and Pub in the evening. Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro is the best place for a sunset view over Nan town, so best to go there about 30min before sunset.

Information of Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro

  • Right along the Nan River near the big bridge.
  • Facebook : Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro
  • Kitchen : Hot & Cold drinks, desserts + limited Thai food
  • Opening hours : Daily 16:00 - 22:00
  • Seating : Indoors & Outdoors
  • Parking : Private parking for motorbikes, cars are to be parked on the street.

Location of Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro

Location of Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro in Nan - Thailand


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