Papua Bhuka Hotel in Pua

Papua Bhuka Hotel in Pua, Nan - Thailand

Papua Bhuka Hotel is an older hotel in an unique style wooden Thai house about 2km east of Pua town and built on a small but steep hill. All rooms have Private bathroom with shower, Air-conditioning and Free drinking water. Papua Bhuka Hotel offers a Big garden, Free wifi and Private parking but be aware that during rain entering the small steep heel can be an challenge. Be aware that Papua Bhuka Hotel is not within walking distance from Pua town.

Information of Papua Bhuka Hotel

  • Along route 1081
  • Facebook : Papua Bhuka Hotel
  • Room rate : 500 - 1.200 Thai baht incl. simple breakfast
  • Number of rooms : 55
  • Private parking : Yes
  • Restaurant : No

Nearby Papua Bhuka Hotel

  • Ban Tai Lue Coffee Shop

Location of Papua Bhuka Hotel

Location of Papua Bhuka Hotel in Pua, Nan - Thailand


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