Bicycle Museum in Wiang Sa

Behind the Shell gasoline station along route 1026 from Wiang Sa to Na Noi is a wonderful Bicycle Museum with bicycles of more as 100 years old, army bicycles, children bicycles and anything that has to do with bicycles. The owners are friendly people who love to tell you everything about bicycles. A great place to see some history in general and some of Nan province while meeting the local community.

Bicycle Museum in Wiang Sai, Nan - Thailand

When to go to the Bicycle Museum?

Basically the museum is open the all year from 9:00 - 17:00 but it is an privately managed museum so it could be closed sometimes.

How to get to the Bicycle Museum?

The Bicycle Museum is in Wiang Sa, what is about 20km south of Nan town. You could get the Blue Bus from Nan bus station to Wiang Sa and walk the last part.

Location of the Bicycle Museum


More photos of the Bicycle Museum

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