Doi Silver OTOP in Pua

Doi Silver OTOP in Pua, Nan - Thailand

In the old days the once bigger Nan kingdom was famous for its silver and for the beautiful silverware made by Tai Lue hill-tribe people. And that is still nowadays, although the silver is imported. Doi Silver in Pua is an a kind of OTOP where they are producing and selling the beautiful silverware and also have a few shops selling the traditional hill-tribe cloths.

Now of course this is a selling point, but be assured that what is sold here is all real silver made of 92.5% silver. And the nice thing is you can visit the small factory where about 50 people are daily creating beautiful silverware. And that is amazing to see how people are making mostly by hand this beautiful silverware. See also Silverware of Nan

Showroom of Doi Silver OTOP in Pua, Nan - Thailand

Factory of Doi Silver OTOP in Pua, Nan - Thailand

Information of Doi Silver

Location  : Along route 101, about 1 km north of Pua town
Facebook : Doi Silver Pua
Opening hours : Daily from 9:00 - 17:00

Location of Doi Silver OTOP

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