Rai Sut Mung Pho Farm & Homestay in Doi Phu Kha

Camping in Doi Phu Kha Nan, North Thailand

Rai Saut Mung Pho Farm & Homestay is located in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha and a bit difficult to find especially with the logo suggesting it is in Pua. Yes, technically it is located in Pua district but in reality it is better to say it is along route 1081 from Bo Klua to Santisuk. And even then you will only see a sign along the road and have to drive a small dirt track (be careful in the rain). But then hidden in the mountains you will find a oase of flowers at this so called Bio Farm where you can enjoy a coffee or a Thai snack while overlooking the stunning views over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. And in the cool season it is a great place for camping.

Information of Rai Sut Mung Pho Farm & Homestay

Location of Rai Sut Mung Pho Farm & Homestay


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