Destination Travel Guide Nan - Thailand is an subsidiary of Traveling 2 Thailand and aims to provide in English all information for travellers to Nan province in North Thailand, with the purpose of promoting Nan province and to open the doors & windows of Nan province for foreign travellers. And with that to support the local community of Nan province in North Thailand.
  • Almost all Places, Accommodations & Restaurants have been visited in person.
  • Freebies in any form are not accepted.
  • All Accommodations & Restaurants are visited anonymous.
  • Endless effort to find new destinations and things to See & Do in Nan province.

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My Thai nickname is Chang Noi (Little Elephant) and I am the founder & editor of Destination Travel Guide Nan - Thailand. I  was privileged to be born in a tiny country in Western Europe and while working as software developer I started in 1985 to explore South-East Asia and I found my roots in Thailand medio 2000. After working in the Travel & Hospitality industry in South-East Asia I am now doing what I love  most ... independently traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. If possible by motorbike! And I still love traveling, to go just about to every corner of the always surprising Thailand. My favourite poet is The Men That Don't Fit In by Robert W. Service. I am also the founder & editor of Traveling 2 Thailand, a travel blog about Traveling, Living and Motorbike riding in Thailand. If you would like to contact me then click HERE.

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Making this Destination Travel Guide is done just for sheer love of traveling and helping people out to make the best of their holidays in Thailand. If you find this information useful and would like to buy me a delicious cake then you can make a donation via PayPal. Thanks in advance!

A Race of Men by Robert W. Service

Disclaimer : All postings are made in good faith and are an expression of fair comment.

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