Although Nan is (luckily) not as much visited by tourists as example Chiang Mai, there is a good variety of accommodation all over Nan province. Currently in 2019 there are quite a few new Guesthouses, Homestay's and Hotels being openend in Nan town and Pua. As said Nan province is not busy tourists like Chiang Mai but during Public Holidays / Long Weekends (especially during the cool season) many Thai people will find their way to Nan province. During those days it might be a good idea to make a reservation in advance. Be aware that when using BOOKING that the term "Nan suburbs" could mean the hotel is in Pua, what is 60 km north of Nan town. Not really a suburb!
  • As Nan is not (yet) a tourist destination for foreigners you might experience that staff at your accommodation is not or limited able to speak English.
  • Not all accommodation in Nan can be booked via Agoda or Booking. Some accommodation does not have a website and can only be booked by calling them or contact them at their Facebook page.
  • We strive to make a comprehensive review with photos and contact information of all accommodations. Check all our comprehensive reviews of Accommodation in Nan province.
  • Almost all accommodations with a link have been personally visited & checked.
  • Almost all National Parks have bungalows or camping grounds, just inform at the National Park itself.
  • 🏊 = with swimming pool  
  • 👍 = recommended
  • ฿ = price indication and ฿+ = at the high end of the price category
Accommodation in Nan province, North Thailand

How to book accommodation in Nan?

In general most hotels can be booked via hotel bookings websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia,  AGODA, BOOKING or AirBnB. Some hotels have their own website where you can book their rooms. But there are also quit a few homestay's, guesthouses or resorts that are not on any hotel bookings website and do not have bookings option on their website or do even not have a website at all. This kind of accommodation most times just has a Facebook page (very popular in Thailand) and can only be booked my contacting them via Facebook Messenger, calling them (find their phone-number on their Facebook page) or sending them a Line Message (also very popular in Thailand). Most of this kind of accommodation communicates only in Thai language.

Prices of accommodation in Nan

As Nan province is starting to become a popular destination for Thai tourists they most times come in the weekend, long weekends, holidays and especially in the cool season. So hoteliers in Nan province have a relatively short period in the year to do business. And because of that you will see a sharp contrast in prices between high season (weekends, holidays, cool season) and low season (week days, hot season). Example a very nice hotel in Pua in the low season has rooms for 650 Thai baht, but in the high season that same room will costs 1.800 Thai baht.

Price category taking in account the high-season prices :

      ฿     Under 600 ฿ (Hostels, Guesthouses & Homestay's)
    ฿฿    600 - 1.100 ฿ (Boutique style Guesthouse & Homestay's)
  ฿฿฿ 1.100 - 3.000 ฿ (Midrange Hotels & Resorts)
฿฿฿฿ 3.000 - 10.000 ฿ (Boutique Hotels & Resort)


For accommodation at other destinations within Nan province have a look at

Our favourite boutique hotel / resort just outside Nan town is Nan Seasons Boutique Resort, with teak wooden bungalows, swimming pool and good restaurant. Within the historical center of Nan town our favourite budget hotel is Nan Lanna Hotel with only 10 rooms, build in northern Lanna style and within walking distance of restaurants, temples and shops. 
  1. 51 @Nan Hotel ฿+
  2. 107 Tower Hotel ฿฿
  3. Amazing Guesthouse ฿
  4. At Home in Nan
  5. Apirata Resort ฿฿฿
  6. Banban Nannan Guesthouse ฿฿
  7. Ban Himwat Hostel $+
  8. Baan Bo Suak Homestay ฿฿
  9. Baan Chomdao Hotel ฿฿
  10. Baan Iyara ฿฿฿
  11. Baan Nai Gong ฿฿
  12. Ban Suan Phu Phanwa ฿฿
  13. Baan Nai Vieng Hotel ฿฿
  14. Baan Nan Hotel ฿฿฿
  15. Baan Roojai ฿
  16. Baan Pak Nan
  17. Baan Pangka Hotel
  18. Benya Hotel
  19. Baan Suan Leelawadee Resort ฿฿฿ 🏊 (a few km west of town)
  20. Baan Suan Sak Resort ฿฿฿
  21. Baan Suan Chuanchom Resort
  22. Baan Nam Rim Riverside Resort
  23. Bunrapee House ฿
  24. Bypass 1.9 Resort ฿+ (along the bypass road)
  25. Casa Foresta Nan ฿฿฿ (a few km south of town)
  26. C & C Hostel ฿
  27. Chinatip Yusabai Hotel
  28. Chan Hotel
  29. Chom Na Resort ฿฿฿ (a few km west of town)
  30. Diamond Homestay ฿฿
  31. De Nan Hotel ฿฿
  32. Dhevaraj Hotel ฿฿฿ 🏊
  33. Doi Thin Nan Resort ฿฿฿฿ 🏊 (a few km west of town)
  34. Fah Place
  35. Grand Mansion Hotel
  36. Happy Home
  37. Hug Her Him Nan Homestay ฿฿+
  38. Huen Rim Nan B&B (Mr. T @Nan) ฿฿
  39. Hug Nan Hotel
  40. Huen Chang Puak House ฿฿+
  41. Huan Gum Gin Hotel
  42. Huen Kuang Nan Hotel
  43. Huen Tawan Hotel
  44. Huan Pak Jai Hotel
  45. Huan Mai Ruay Resort
  46. Ina Boutique Home Nan
  47. Jandang Guesthouse ฿฿
  48. K1 Modern Art Hotel ฿฿+
  49. Kaampuju Cafe & Room ฿฿+
  50. Kasinphat Home
  51. Kha Luang Hotel ฿฿
  52. Khum Muang Min Boutique Hotel ฿฿฿
  53. Khuang Chang Kam Boutique Hotel ฿฿+
  54. KM7 Kuaymai Homestay
  55. Mintara Hotel
  56. Mimia Resort
  57. Muen Chang Nan Boutique Hotel
  58. N Trio Rooms
  59. Nakorn Nan Apartment
  60. Namthong Nan Hotel ฿฿฿ 🏊 (near bus station)
  61. Nan Boutique Hotel ฿฿฿
  62. Nan Boutique Resort ฿฿฿ 🏊 (a few km east of town)
  63. Nan Chic Inn
  64. Nan Baan Khun Hotel ฿฿+
  65. Nan De Panna Boutique Resort ฿฿฿ 👍 (a few km north of town, along the Nan River)
  66. Nan Fachonlathi Resort (Nan Fa Resort)
  67. Nan Fasai Resort ฿฿฿
  68. Nan For You Resort ฿ (a few km south of town)
  69. Nan Guesthouse ฿ 👍
  70. Nan Green Lake View Resort  ฿฿฿ (out of town)
  71. Nan Homestay ฿
  72. Nan Kamnung Homestay ฿+
  73. Nan Lanna Hotel ฿฿ 👍(in historical center)
  74. Nan Nakara Boutique Hotel ฿฿฿
  75. Nan Napa Resort
  76. Nan Niyom Hotel ฿+
  77. Nan Nobel House Garden Resort ฿฿฿ 🏊 (along the bypass road)
  78. Nan Panwa Hotel
  79. Nan RimNam Hotel ฿฿฿
  80. Nan Sabaidee Hotel
  81. Nan Sripanna Resort
  82. Nan Seasons Boutique Resort ฿฿฿฿ 🏊 👍 (a few km east of town)
  83. Nan Suwarin Hotel
  84. Nan Tawan Farm ฿฿฿฿ (a few km west of town)
  85. Nan Thara Place
  86. Nan Treasure Hotel ฿฿+
  87. Nan Trungjai Boutique Hotel ฿฿฿+ 🏊
  88. Nan Valley Resort
  89. NirvaNan House ฿฿฿฿ 🏊
  90. Nine Nan Hotel
  91. Once At Nan RimNam Hotel
  92. Phukalan Homestay
  93. Pantip Residence 
  94. Pagoda Sight Residence ฿฿฿+ (a few km east of town)
  95. Phu Hun Sa Boutique Hotel  ฿฿฿ 🏊 👍
  96. Phurafah Place
  97. Phu Phiang Khiangfah Resort
  98. Phumin Place Hotel ฿฿฿
  99. Pukha Nanfa Hotel ฿฿฿฿ 👍
  100. Phuang Chompoo Place
  101. Phoem Phoon 2 Hotel ฿+
  102. PuNan Loft
  103. Ponburi Hotel
  104. Pornpong Hotel ฿฿
  105. Proud Nan Cottage ฿฿
  106. PX 122 Hotel ฿฿฿
  107. Rapeepong (Small) Hotel
  108. Rapeepong Resort Nantai ฿฿
  109. Rapeepong Hotel ฿
  110. Risasinee Resort ฿฿฿
  111. Rim Nan Riverside Resort ฿฿฿
  112. Sasidara Resort ฿฿฿+
  113. Sabai Nan Hotel ฿+
  114. Settee Homestay ฿
  115. S.P. Guesthouse ฿
  116. Sundara Guesthouse ฿
  117. Sukkasem Hotel ฿
  118. Srinual Lodge ฿฿+
  119. Ta-Li Homestead ฿฿฿
  120. The One House ฿
  121. The Impress Nan Hotel ฿฿ 🏊
  122. Villa De Bua Resort ฿฿฿ 🏊 (along the bypass road)
  123. Wiang Kaeuw Hotel ฿฿฿+
  124. Wiang Phumin Hotel ฿฿
  125. Win House Hotel ฿
  126. Yindee Travellers Lodge ฿฿
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Accommodation in Nan province, North Thailand


For accommodation at other destinations within Nan province have a look at

During long weekends or other holidays book you accommodation in advance with BOOKING

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