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About Food, Drinks and Nightlife in Nan. Food varies from breakfast to dinner, although for lunch Nan town is a bit weird place. There are many noodle shops but there are actually not much proper restaurants that serve lunch. And places for Food & Drink are spread over Nan town, hidden in small streets. As of Western food Nan is also a bit difficult as there are not much restaurants serving Western food. But luckily times are changing and there are starting to come more restaurants, pubs and coffee shops.
  • As Nan is not (yet) a tourist destination for foreigners you might experience that staff at restaurants or coffee shops are not or limited able to speak English.
  • We strive to make an comprehensive review with photos and contact information about all places for Food & Drink. 
  • Almost all places for Food & Drink with a link have been visited & checked by us.
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Where to eat & drink in Nan province, North Thailand


As with all things in Nan town also restaurants, pubs and coffee shops are a bit spread over Nan town. But there are a few areas that are recommended as local Thai style areas to have a look for dinner :
  • Night Market / Noodle Street (Phakong road) 
  • Riverside Boulevard (east-side along the Nan River, directly north of the main bridge ).
Most restaurants are cheap in the price range of a simple Thai food for 50 - 80 Thai baht per person excl. drinks. Some restaurants that serve western food might be a bit less cheap. And a good beefsteak is about the same price as in a good restaurant in Bangkok. 

For Food & Drink at other destinations within Nan province have a look at

  1. Ban J Vegetarian Restaurant
  2. Baan Bum Bar & Bistro Thai & Western food & Drinks (wine, beer, cocktails) 
  3. Crossroads Nan Restaurant Western food. 👍
  4. Gin Restaurant Best steaks in town (new location👍
  5. Hot Bread Nan Best western breakfast in town 👍
  6. Huan Chao Nang Restaurant  👍
  7. Khao Tha Restaurant 
  8. Khao Soi Ton Nam Noodle Restaurant 
  9. Lemongrass Restaurant Thai & Western food👍
  10. Nan Vintage Restaurant 
  11. Nan Steak House
  12. NanTawan Farm 
  13. Nan Winery Balcony 
  14. Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro Great view over Nan town!
  15. Nai Suan Kwan Restaurant
  16. Poom 3 Restaurant Best Massaman curry in town!
  17. Phukha Cafe Has air-conditioning 👍
  18. Sea @Nan Restaurant 
  19. Sanian Restaurant 
  20. Secret Yard
  21. Suriya Garden Restaurant
  22. The Steak Factory Has air-conditioning
  23. The Balcony Korean BBQ Mo Ka Ta
  24. Tony's Place Closed!
  25. U dee Kin dee Restaurant & Coffee Shop Has air-conditioning
  26. Voila Nirvanan Best Western food in town. Has air-conditioning. 👍

 ☕ Coffee Shops & Bakeries

  1. Ban Hom Kafae
  2. Beleza Cafe 
  3. Cafe Sod Gong Dee
  4. Erabica Coffee 👍
  5. Hug Nan Baked Cafe
  6. Huan Hung Tor Cafe 👍
  7. In Nan Cafe
  8. Ma Ruay Cafe
  9. More May Coffee & Restaurant
  10. Mix Academic Cafe  👍 
  11. Nan Art Cafe & Bakery Closed!
  12. Nor Nan Cafe
  13. Phukha Cafe
  14. Vespresso Cafe Closed!
  15. Work Boxes Cafe

🍻 Nightlife

First of all it is not like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, so not much nightlife and all is in Thai style. Most Thai pubs serve Thai food all evening and most times there is live music. The latter sometimes so loud you can not talk to each other anymore. And nightlife is a bit spread over Nan town. Although you could locate a few area's.
  • Northern side of town, along route 101 between the road to the air-port and the bypass. Here are a few pubs / restaurants and some lowkey Thai karaoke bars.
  • Next to Fire Station Brigade, there is a new street where slowly new nightlife entertainment is developing with X2 Nigh Club and We Loft Bar & Bistro.
  • And all over town are some pubs & restaurants
  1. Chase's Beer Nan (great IPA beer selection)
  2. Fashion 1990's Bar
  3. Huan Phu Kha Pub & Restaurant
  4. Mittbun Ung Cafe
  5. Pump Cafe Station  👍
  6. Relax @Nan Pub
  7. We'Loft Bar & Bistro (new location👍 
  8. X2 Night Club (formerly called Channel X Night Club)


  1. Night Market / Noodle Street with many street food-stalls for Dinner 👍 
  2. Weekend Market / WalkingStreet with take-away food for Dinner 👍 
  3. Food Court at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner
  4. Riverside Boulevard with a few local Thai restaurants for dinner 👍 
  5. MK Suki at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner
  6. KFC at BigC and Tesco-Lotus  for Lunch & early Dinner
  7. Pizza Company at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner
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Restaurants & Pubs in Nan province, North Thailand


For Food & Drink at other destinations within Nan province have a look at

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