Getting Around

In Nan town

  • By Foot as Nan town is so small you can get almost everywhere by walking
  • By Bicycle, as most Hotels & Guesthouses have bicycles, for rent or free of charge
  • By Samlor, the tricycle taxi's, can be found at the Morning Market or at the Wat Phumin
  • By Motorcycle, some Hotels & Guesthouses have motorbikes / scooters for rent. For more information see Motorbike Rental Shops
  • By Song-Theauws, the red one's are for in Nan town
  • NOT by Tuk Tuk as there are luckily no Tuk Tuk's in Nan
  • By Motorbike-taxi, but only from some limited places like the airport, bus station or market
Getting around in Nan province, North Thailand
The orange bus and Samlor as transport in Nan

Upcountry in Nan province

  • By Local Bus, the Orange Bus goes north to Thung Chang and the Blue Bus goes south to Wiang Sa
  • By Inter-regional Bus that can also be used to go other places in Nan province
  • By Taxi, but only from the Airport or Bus Station
  • By Mini-Van to Huai Kon Thai-Lao International border-crossing or Den Chai
  • By Song-Theauws, the blue one's are for going to other places within Nan province
Read more at Transport Hubs in Nan

TIP The Orange bus from Nan to Thung Chang (or actually Pon) might not be time-efficient, doing the about 100km in 3 hours, but it is cheap and is a great way of local traveling, seeing villages and meeting the local people.

For accommodation in Nan see Accommodation - Check accommodation in Nan on BOOKING

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