Sila Phet

Sila Phet in a small village about 60 km north-east of Nan town, in between Santisuk and Pua. Sila Phet is at the base of the mountains of Doi Phu Kha, with the main destination the famous Sila Phet Waterfall, although there are also a few other waterfalls. Be aware that Sila Phet is about 60 km north-east of Nan town, it is not a sub-urb of Nan town.

Destination Travel Guide to Sila Phet in Nan, North Thailand

How to get to Sila Phet?

There is no public transport straight to Sila Phet, but you can take the Orange bus from Nan to Thung Chang and get off at Tha Wang Pha and then change to Songtheauw to Sila Phet. By private car or motorbike just follow route 101 north of Nan town to Tha Wang Pha and then change to route 1170 to Sila Phet.

What to do in Sila Phet?

The main attraction of Sila Phet are the rice fields surrounding the village and the famous Sila Phet Waterfall, but read more at Everything about Sila Phet.

Food & Drink in Sila Phet

Of course you can eat at Sila Phet Waterfall for lunch but along the main road are a few other small Thai restaurants.
  1. Farmer School Coffee Shop, Hot & Cold drinks
  2. Ped Pa Tong Restaurant, Thai / Lunch and early Dinner
  3. Phaiyak Noodle Restaurant, Thai / Lunch and early Dinner

Accommodation in Sila Phet

As Sila Phet is not yet a tourist destination for people to stay overnight there is also not much accommodation. But that might be changing in the coming years.

Price category taking in account the high-season prices :

      ฿     Under 600 ฿ (Hostels, Guesthouses & Homestay's)
    ฿฿    600 - 1.100 ฿ (Boutique style Guesthouse & Homestay's)
  ฿฿฿ 1.100 - 3.000 ฿ (Midrange Hotels & Resorts)
฿฿฿฿ 3.000 - 10.000 ฿ (Boutique Hotels & Resort)
  1. Farmer School Homestay ฿฿
  2. Nan Niran Boutique Resort ฿฿฿ 🏊
Check available accommodation at BOOKING

Map of Sila Phet

Map of Sila Phet in Nan - Thailand

Route from Nan to Sila Phet

Location of Sila Phet in Nan - Thailand

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