Welcome to Nan province in North Thailand where live is still slow and tranquil

Nan province is tucked away in the most eastern part of North Thailand and was once a sleepy province. And even nowadays Nan province still one of the most remote & off the beaten track province's of Thailand, where nature blends well with culture and ancient temples. In modern times Nan province has an airport, comfortable boutique hotels and trendy coffee shops, along with picturesque villages in the mountains, but 40 years ago Nan was considered a wild region and sometimes even off-limited for traveling. Time has changed however and the centuries old temples built in Tai Lue architecture style with beautiful murals, green mountains and ethnic minorities are now starting to attract Thai tourists and even slowly some foreigner tourists are coming to Nan province. The main destination for visitors of Nan province is its capital Nan town and nearby surroundings. It is however not the only place of interest, especially those who love outdoor activities might find their way to places like Pua, Bo Klua, Thung Chang, Na Noi and Mae Charim. Upcountry Nan province offers nature, mountains and culture from the famous Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua and the Yellow Ghost Hill-Tribe to waterfalls, coffee plantations, markets and rivers.

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Corona Crisis update : As of date of 22 March 2020 all Thailand is slowly going in a lockdown (also Nan province) to prevent spreading of the COV19 virus. Be responsible, take care your beloved ones & our community .....